Standalone Scifi

In the beginning...

Day 1: Dr. Charles Crossgrove, Doug the Mechanic, Brian and Stacy are transported to a mysterious planet. After a while of traveling, they see weird creatures, meet Omataru and Angstrom, and find the [Settlement]]. Here they meet Jill Valentine and several other NPCs.

A robot materializes in the middle of the settlement, and introduces itself as the goddess, Mesith. She explains that she brought them to a pocket dimension, because they’re creating a new universe and populating it with the best and brightest that the current universe had to offer of every sentient species.

The robot freezes in place and becomes completely unresponsive. A while later, a bright light appears and another robot emerges. This one comes straight to the nearest person and attempts to drag them back into the light, but the group fights them off. After the characters discuss stuff, they decide to attempt to capture one of these things. They begin setting a trap. Before the trap is ready, a large group of these things come back and are seemingly diplomatic; Brian agrees to go with them through the portal. No one has heard from him for a very long time.

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